17 - 19 May 2024
MEC Peanias

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Why to visit the exhibition?

By visiting Premium Real Estate Expo, you’ll get the chance to meet:

  • Brokers who can advise you on your real estate property
    By visiting the exhibition in your corporate capacity, you will be able to enter into partnerships with brokers who undertake the sale or rental of your property.
  • Representatives of the banking sector
    They will inform you on the current terms of mortgage or business loans, the investment products you can use and advise you on repayment opportunities.
  • Architectural firms
    Design tips based on the functionality and highlighting of the surrounding area, or even any geopolitical features, are waiting for you here! Get to know all the new trends in architecture for home and business, learning about new materials and the latest technologies.
  • Investors
    REXPO is an interesting venue for up-and-coming investors who intend to expand in the real estate sector, giving them the opportunity to identify all the investment opportunities in the industry with a single visit.
  • Electric and electronics retail companies
    Smart ideas and solutions for your home or business to save money, energy and effort. Electric and electronics companies will be present at REXPO with personalized suggestions that will give you ideas on how to perform basic functions in your space.
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